26" Lake Arthur Walleye
26" Lake Arthur Walleye

I went to Lake Arthur this weekend and put in at the 528 end of the lake.  On Saturday, I got to the lake around 9am, and the water temp was in the low 40s.  The weather turned out to be enjoyable, but the fishing was still pretty slow.  I was able to manage a few bass, one smallmouth and one largemouth both on a jerkbait.  I was also able to get a pretty nice walleye on a shad rap. When I left around 5pm the water had warmed up to around 47 degrees.  


Sunday’s weather wasn’t as nice.  We were on the water around 10am, and it was cold, rainy, and windy.  The wind got worse as the day progressed with frequent wind gusts.  I caught three largemouth on a jig, but only one kept.  We left around 4pm, as the weather was getting worse and I had my fill of the lake for the weekend.

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Fishing has always been a passion of my. I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk and still have the same, anytime any place attitude about going fishing. In 2005 I started fishing some local bass tournaments, Butler BassCasters Wednesday Night tournaments, Local Opens, and a few K.B.B.C tournaments. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot from the guys I fish with.

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