Here is a list of contact information for some local fishing clubs we have put together.  Most of these fishing clubs are located in the Western PA area and hold there fishing tournaments on the surrounding lakes or rivers.  This list of fishing clubs should give anyone who is looking to get started in tournament fishing a great place to help them find a club.  If you are interested in seeing some of the lakes and rivers the clubs will be fishing this upcoming season you can find some of there schedules on our calendar page.

ClubContact PersonPhoneEmail
Yough River Bass AssociationJon Parker Butler BasscastersErnie Pate
West Penn Bass HuntersHank Lach412-897-6165
Beaver Creek Anglers, IncConnie O'connell412-655-7697
Penn’s Water Bass BustersJohn Golden Jr.
Bassmasters of Crawford CountyEric
Holiday Park Bass BustersJim
Clarion County BassmastersSteve Hughes814-473-3358
Mingo Creek
Fort Pitt Bass AnglersChristopher
Steel City AnglersGreg
Washington PA BassmastersVince
Fishers of MenJason
Pennsylvania Southwest BassmenLarry
Philipsburg BassmastersBob
Kayak Anglers of Western PANoah C.
3 Rivers Catfish ClubJoseph
Western PA Bass AnglersJohn Krocker412-779-2908

14 thoughts on “Local Clubs

  1. Hey guys, if you would like to get your club posted in our club list all you have to do is email me at Most clubs are always looking for new members and this may be the easiest way to accomplish that task.

  2. Anybody have any info on Clarion County Bassmasters… contct person, etc.
    Greatly appreciated…..I’m disabled and can get help with fishing Pymy tournaments which I believe Clarion County fishes…..
    Thanks….and stay safe out there!

  3. Can you advise if there is a lake listing for western PA where you can launch with a 150 or larger motor?

  4. There is a public meeting regarding Glade Run Lake in Middlesex Township, PA on July 28, 2011 at 6:30 p.m., Middlesex Township Municipal Building, 133 Browns Hill Road, Valencia, PA, 16059. The meeting will be hosted by State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe and State Sen. Jane Orie. The more attendees the better. This is not just a Middlesex Twp problem, but also of surrounding areas. If you can, please attend.

  5. trying to get starting to fish in tournaments have no clue how.My friend and i have a little alunium boat,nothing special but we like to try some little tourney’s, tx you Joe B

  6. I am from Monessen,Pa and my buddy and i would like to join a fishing club…. if anyone has a good club please advise me……………………………

  7. I’m a college angler that over the past few years have really wanted to get more involved in bass tournaments an I think that joining a club would help do that. I’m from the New Castle area, any suggestions would be great.

  8. There are a couple really good clubs for people gettings started into bass fishing. I belong to 2 of them and the memberships are reasonable. One is the West Penn Basshunters. This allows you to fish 14 club events and there is a wide range of skill levels. Another is the Yough River Bass Association (YRBA). This is set up so you have a 2-4 person team to fish their 10 events. On more info for either club email me at

  9. I know Mingo Creek Anglers is taking members! email the listing above, Dan is the guy your will emailing he will help you out. Great club!

  10. I have scheduled a 4day fishing trip to Georgian Bay, Canada. My partner had to bail out on going on this trip. Am looking for someone to share the cost and fish on June 3 to 7, 2013 for this canadian fishing triip. If interested, please call Ed at 724-699-3542 for details.

  11. Im trying to get involved in fishing tournaments im from the pittsburgh area friends as well.also have boat been looking hard to find, anyone with info please let us know

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