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Lake Wilhelm

Located in M.K. Goodard State Park, Lake Wilhelm offers a great opportunity for the serious angler or family outing. Lake Wilhelm is 1680 surface acres of water. The majority of the lake (1440 acres) has a horsepower limit of 20. The remaining 240 acres that is managed by the PA Game Commission is electric power or non-power water craft only. This area is marked on the water, but if you cross until I-79 bridge heading northwest you will come to the electric only end of the lake in a few hundred yards. There are 5 main boat launches. Launch 1, 2, 3, 4 and the marina. The 241 slip marina has the nicest launch with 4 lanes and the most parking. Boat rental is available at the marina from May 1st through labor day. There is also a handicap pier at the marina.

Wilhelm Marina

Wilhelm Marina

Another nice feature of the lake is that launch 1, 2, 3, and the marina have pavilions for public use. They may also be rented and reserved. For the family there is a bicycle trail that runs 12 miles around the lake. In the winter it is acceptable to ride snowmobiles or cross country ski on the trail as well. There are also a total of 14 miles of hiking trails along the lake. Ice skating, ice boating, and ice fishing are also permited. There is a one acre hill near the dam designated for sled riding as well. M.K. Goddard State Park has 1550 acres of land that is opened to hunting during the Pennsylvania Game Commissions seasons. There truly is something for everyone here.

There are many species of fish to target. Recently, the walleye population has improved and many catches of 20″ and over have been reported. The lake also has an excellent pan fish population. Crappie, perch, bluegill, and sun fish are caught regularly. Although the size of these fish is generally small, I can promise you the numbers will keep you and especially kids entertained for hours. Some other species include multiple species of catfish, crap, and Muskellunge. Many local clubs have targeted the lake for bass tournaments. The population has shrunk in numbers and size, but the lake still offers some great largemouth bass fishing.

BuzzbaitSome of my favorite techniques for bass fishing include throwing buzzbaits, senkos, Carolina rigged lizards, and 10″ worms. Some key areas to focus on are the numerous roadbeds in the lake, offshore brush piles, but don’t over look the laydowns on the bank. Some of the best bass and pan fish fishing is located in the standing timber in the electric only section of the lake. It takes time and a calm day to be able to fish this timber, but it is well worth the time. For walleye trolling worm harness & medium range crankbaits on the roadbeds are the most successful baits. Muskellunge seem to be most active early in the morning and late in the event around the main lake points. The points at Lake Wilhelm are more settle than most lakes in the area but don’t overlook these area. Although I have never done it myself, I have seen bow fisherman have great success for carp as well.

If you looking for a place to stay near the lake you have two options. First, there is Camp Wilhelm Campground. Campsite prices range from $25 to $35 per night and there are also multiple cabin rentals. The second option is Goddard Park VactionLand Campground. This campground has daily, weekly, or seasonal rates for camp sites and cabins. Visit website for more information.



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Finesse Carolina Rig

This is a great method that I started using about 5 years ago when I was in Tennessee with Jon. We could get bit on Douglas Lake and we came to a rock point that was loaded with fish. Once we went to light weights it was on. Between the 2 of us we caught 60-100 fish per day using this rig off of that one spot. I have had success on the Lake Erie, and during the spawn at multiple lakes with this technique. Boyd Duckett really show you how he uses a Revo baitcasting reel, crankbait rod, light line and berkley chigger craw to catch a lot of fish with a finesse carolina rig.

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Stormy Shenago Lake

Some friends, my dad and I spent the weekend camping and fishing at Shenago Lake. The campground was not crowded at all. Which was due to the forecast of rough weather that was going to hit that area. With the recent rains the water had risen, but not an excessive amount. My estimate was that the water was nearly 1 foot high when we arrived, and rose another foot while we where there. The water clearity varied greatly. On the main lake there was 4 feet of clearity, but in the feeder creeks you were lucky to see 6″ in the muddy water.

Friday evening we started fishing around 8:00 pm and fished until 9:30. We wanted to see if the striper were active, and if we could get a topwater bite. The night was pretty successful with the 3 of us catching over 10 bass. Most of which were on top water. None of the fish were big, but topwater is fun no matter what the size of the fish is. Tony, one of my best friends, even managed to hook up with a nice walleye on a spinnerbait.

Saturday Dad and I headed out on the water and fished from 7-12 in the morning. It was probably the single best morning I have ever had at Shenago. We managed to boat 26 bass and a catfish. We caught fish on buzzbaits, spooks, multiple crankbaits, tubes, beavers, and brush hogs. Colors were wide ranged, but the ones that seemed to work best were transparent/natural colors. The depth of water we caught fish varied greatly. We caught them flipping the shallows, topwater shallow, and deep and shallow cranking. It seemed like the fish were all over the board, but when you found 1 you found multiple fish. We headed in for lunch and ended up sitting out a pretty severe storm until 3. At that point we wanted to get on the water. The three of us started fishing again. I tied a crankbait on and never put it down for the next 2 hours. I caught 2 pike, catfish, multiple bass, and a couple crappie. Then the next severe storm came through so we called it a day.

We woke up Sunday to bad weather and high winds. That being said we thought it best not to head out on the water. For the amount of time we were able to fish we were pretty successful, which makes me anxious to get back out there.

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Berkley Chigger Craw Product Review

Product Type: Crawfish – Soft Plastic

Tested Size(s): 3” and 4”

Tested Colors/Patterns: Black/Blue, Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Party

MSRP: $3.49

First Impression: This craw has good profile with large claws.  The Chigger Craw has the scent Berkley is known for.

FishPittsburgh Scorecard – Berkley Chigger Craw
Multiple fish can be caught on the same chigger craw, but watch those warm summer days because the claws seem to tear easier then.
The advantage to this craw bait is that it can be used on multiple methods: jig trailer, texas rig, Carolina rig, shaky head, and drop shot. The fish love this lure.
Unlike some craws the Berkley Chigger Craw has a ton of scent. Not just any scent, it is the Berkley Powerbait Scent that seems to drive fish crazy.
The count size to the price is very reasonable. Add in the fact that you will more than likely catch multiple fish on each lure and it is a definite buy.
I have caught fish on these lures on just about every body of water, every structure type, and every technique that I have tried with them. This lure is a winner.
Great overall Bait. See My Recommendations below

Mike Iaconelli shows you how he uses the Berkley Chigger Craw as jig trailer…Watch

Pros Cons
Berkley Scent Claws Tear Easily
Size Availability
Color Selection
Used in Multiple Techniques
Good Action

RECOMMENDATIONS: The first this I recommend is buying some of these great lures.  Go with the colors that you are most confident in.  You will find that these lures really work well in multiple situations.  Personally, I have two methods that I really like.  First, I love texas rigging these lures and flipping them into tight cover.  No matter what stage of the spawn the bass are in and the time of year, I always managed to catch a couple pegging a ¼oz. bullet weight with a 3/0 hook and a size 4 chigger craw.  I will recommend varying the size of your hook for different cover.  My other favorite technique to use with the chigger craw is using it as a jig trailer.  I have caught more bass on bass jigs with chigger craws as trailers that I have with regular jig trailers.  They add bulk to the jig and don’t forget about the powerbait scent that is in them.  Other techniques to try with the chigger craws include:  using them on a shaky head jig, drop shot, and Carolina rig.  The 3” version is especially good for the shaky head jig and drop shot method.  Although the 4” bait is a little small and sinks it can still be effective on a Carolina rig.  Don’t be afraid to try some of the different colors that Berkley makes.  Go to to find more tips and see which professional fishermen endorse this product.

ABOUT THE CRITIC : You must know that I am very critical of my lures.  I only have about 3 lures that I use that would receive a perfect 50 and I personally modify those lures once I have them.  I consider any lure over 40 great and any lure over 30 good.  Anything less than 30 and you probably won’t see it in my tackle box.



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