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Great Start

As you probably know the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit held its annual kickoff meeting this past Sunday. I went to the meeting with an open mind because so many people have taken positions within the KBBC staff. In my opinion, the future looks very bright. Joe Dugas new chairman has really stepped up and help organize a great kickoff meeting that was extremely informative. Not to take anything away from anyone that has had that position in the past, but this seem to be the best run most organized meeting that shared the most information. New tournament director Mike Kopelic has also taken steps that most guys have been asking for years to make the changes. It seems like this year is just the start of an overhaul of how the operations are handled and allowing the anglers to have more of a voice in the process.

This year a lot of the sponsor are returning and several new sponsors are starting a relationship with the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit. As an angler of the circuit I would like to thank them. Without the sponsors this circuit would not be possible. Finally, I am very excited that the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit is now a member of the B.A.S.S. Team Tournament Trail. This should bring more participation to the circuit and help move our circuit in the right direction. Again, great job gentlemen!

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