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Best Pitching Reels

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my favorite style of fishing is pitching and flipping.  Knowing that is what I love, I often get asked which reel or reel speed is the best?  My answer to that is very simple.  First, you have to realize that Quantum, Shimano, Abu Garcia and the rest of the manufacturers produce great products or they wouldn’t be in business.  Personally, I have been using Shimano Curado’s for years and I love them.  Recently, I have been trying some of the Abu Garcia Revo’s and I have to say that I like them as well.  More than the manufacturer you should look at the speed of your reel.  Always use a high speed (6.2 : 1 ratio or higher) when pitching.  It is my recommendation that you use a 7.0 : 1 ratio.  The reason for this is the fish will often take off out from under the cover and you will have to catch up with them.  Using a high speed reel will help you with your hook-up and landing ratio.

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