I managed to fish all weekend in preparation for the upcoming tournaments in the area.  As others are doing, I have been trying different areas to locate potential spots that may produce on tournament day.  Fishing is still a little slow this weekend with the water temp in the high fourty’s although I managed to catch a few on Saturday.  I set out to fish for Pike, but managed to catch a few largemouth instead.  Although the fishing is slow going now, many clues are being seen to forecast the bass movement that will occur in the coming weeks.  Can only hope I guess the correct movements to capitalize on when it counts!  The Pike appear to be spawning right now in the local lakes.  The pike are very shallow doing their business and do not seem to be interested in my presentation to them.  I would guess this will change in the coming weeks as they move off the shallows and out onto the weed flats and weed points preparing to gorge themselves on the shad that seem to be abundant in certain areas.  As you can see from this video, I did manage to stick a large treble hook through my hand while catching a nice largemouth bass on Saturday.  This brings up a good safety tip… keep the hooks out of your hands and in the fish’s mouth!

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