peggingAre you having trouble getting your bait into the bushes without hanging up on branches.  The first improvement you can make is to peg your weight.  When flipping or pitching a texas rig you should always peg your weight.  This will improve your accuracy and will allow the lure to bust through those hard to reach places.  Certain weight companies have their own pegging system, but all you need is a tooth pick and any type of weight.  The following is how I like to peg my weight.  First I slide my weight on the line and tie my wide gap or worm work to the line (Fig 1).  Next, take a tooth pick and push it as far into the weight as you can (Fig 2).  Next, break the tip of the thooth pick off inside the weight (Fig 3) The weight is now pegged in place and you’re ready to pitch it into some brush (Fig 4).

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This year I will be competeing the Bassmaster Weekend Series - New York West Division, Keystone Bass Buddies Circuit, Club Tournaments, and the Lake Arthur Wednesday Night Tournaments.

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