Here is a list of the biggest bags brought to the scale in 2009.

Week #PlaceAngler(s)# FishWt.
11stTodd Maliak414.64
51stTim Byers / Scott Casper413.06
91stKeith Brown / Dawn Schaiffner312.69
81stErnie Pate / Ken Pate412.04
12ndScott Kinard / Mike Doerflinger411.18
121stBill Heller / Mark Shick310.92
13rdTim Byers / Scott Casper410.57
82ndJustin Richardson / Kyle Richardson410.45
14thJohn Keene Sr. / Dave Adam410.08
41stCraig Wozniak / Joe Wozniak410
71stRich Conlon / Myron Wrona49.98
15thLeo Cancilla / Ron Cancilla49.98
92ndMike Morgan / Alan Morgan49.75
93rdChuck Walker49.65
61stGreg Rogerson / Garrett Murphy49.62
83rdScott Kinard / Mike Doerflinger49.56
31stChuck Walker Jr. / Justin Richardson49.21
94thJoe Wozniak / Craig Wozniak39.21
72ndDonovan Traggai / David Christy49.13
16thKen Pate28.9
32ndGus Kneidinger / Bill Parenti48.77
95thMark White / Justing White48.42
52ndJohn Grystar / Chuck Palace48.25
84thPaul Anderson / Randy Rose48.22
53rdDan Reich / Justin Richardson48.21
17thDonovan Traggiai / Dave Christy38.13
96thScott Kinard / Mike Doerflinger48.02
42ndRandy Rose / Dean Cercone47.85
62ndPaul Nord / Dave Flask47.83
85thChuck Walker / Cole Walker47.63
111stAdam Bayliche / John Swesey37.63
18thBen Snyder / Frank Snyder47.5
86thTim Byers / Scott Casper37.19
101stChris Rozic / Tom Rozic47.19
87thJustin White / Mark White37.18
97thScott Treaster / Dino Frantangeli47.18
54thPaul Nord / Rick Kidd47.11
21stCraig Wozniak / Joe Wozniak27.09
88thBrad Chupka / Tammy Chupka37.09
22ndPaul Nord / Rick Kidd27.06
55thTodd Malinak37.05
43rdMark Towne / Jim Lambert37.02
44thShaun Brown / Jason Geibel47.02
56thJohn Swesey / Adam Bayliche46.92
23rdLeo Cancilla / Ron Cancilla46.86
45thRich Conlon / Myron Wrona36.68
57thErnie Pate / Ken Pate26.67
58thJim Hammond / Jon Kachmar46.63
73rdJon Parker / Ron Parker36.52
74thMike Morgan / Alan Morgan26.46
98thKyle Richardson / H. Kyle Richardson26.4
102ndTim Byers / Scott Casper36.27
46thBrian Divito36.24
33rdTerry Feits / Ron Feits36.14
47thErnie Pate / Ken Pate36.14
103rd Larry Weitzel / Howdy Regis26.09
122ndMark Towne / Jim Lambert36.08
75thTodd Malinak35.98
63rdJerry Moser / Brett Riggle35.92
34thMike Pflugh / Don Carr25.92
104thHomer Jenkins / Ben Martin25.91
76thLeo Cancilla / Ron Cancilla35.85
48thScott Casper / Tim Byers25.74
112ndDale Mullen / Mike Demayo35.74
35thLeo Cancilla / Ron Cancilla25.67
77thJohn Keene Jr. / Renee Keene25.61
64thChuck Czake / Charles Czake15.38
78thJustin White / Mark White35.3
105thPaul Anderson / Ken Anderson25.25
36thErnie Pate / Ken Pate25.22
113rd Craig Wozniak25.12
37thYann Jones / Nick Gieraltowski35.09
24thDan Grove Sr. / Dan Grove Jr.25.06
25thRich Conlon / Myron Worona24.97
38thScott Kinard / Mike Doerflinger24.97
26thKevin Kniess / Steve White24.92
114thDonavan Traggai / Chris Cooper24.85
106thGus Kneidinger / Bill Parenti24.8
107thK. Justin Richardson / H. Kyle Richardson24.64
108thMark Towne / Jim Lambert24.6
65thErnie Pate / Ken Pate24.57
115thErnie Pate / Ken Pate24.48
27thJim Thalman / Jeff Hall24.35
116thRandy Rose / Dean Cercone14.25
28thPaul Iman / Joe Iman24.17
117thMike Doerflinger / Jackie Wassered24.15
66thBen Snyder / Frank Snyder24.13
123rd Rick Nelson / Clyde Snyder24.12
67thBrian Divito24.11
124thChris Rozic / Tom Rozic14.05
125thPaul Anderson23.88
68thChris Sumansky / Dan Gray23.82
118thRich Conolon / Myron Wrona23.82
126thPaul Iman / Joe Iman13.81
127thJim Thalman / Jeff Hall23.6
128thChris Sumansky / Dan Gray23.6


Week #Angler(s)Fish TypeWt.
5Dave Oliverio / Tom DesantisLM6.21
9Keith Brown / Dawn SchaiffnerLM5.89
2Craig Wozniak / Joe WozniakLM5.45
12Bill Heller / Mark ShickLM5.35
1Scott Kinard / Mike DoerflingerLM5.33
6Chuck Czake / Charles CzakeLM5.3
8John Grystar / Chuck PalaceLM5.15
7Keith Brown / Dawn SchaiffnerLM4.56
4Ron Feits / Terry FeitsLM4.38
10Larry Weitzel / Howdy RegisLM4.28
11Randy Rose / Dean CerconeLM4.25
3Mike Pflugh / Don CarrLM4.2

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Fishing has always been a passion of my. I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk and still have the same, anytime any place attitude about going fishing. In 2005 I started fishing some local bass tournaments, Butler BassCasters Wednesday Night tournaments, Local Opens, and a few K.B.B.C tournaments. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot from the guys I fish with.


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