Growing up throughout my childhood there were two people that were greatly responsible for my love of fishing and the outdoors.  My father did everything he could as I grew up to get me to the lake and woods as much as he could.  It wasn’t always easy for a guy running his own company,6-25-08 1st place raising 2 daughter and me, and still making time for my mother.  But somehow he managed to teach me some life lessons that I will never forget, and for that I am truly grateful. 

There are many pictures of me fishing when I was 3 years old in the local lakes, streams and rivers.  At age 6 my dad took me to Canada to fish for Northern Pike and Walleye.  Growing up we made 2 weekend long fishing trips a year to Pymatuning and Kinzua.  All of these memories, I will never forget and I know that he would either. 

Mom & Bayliee
Mom' Newest Catch

My mother also dererves a good deal of credit for my passion as well.  When I was in grade school and middle school she would take me to the local park where I would sit and fish for bluegill and bass for hours while she would watch smiling the entire time because she new I had a great passion for the sport at a young age.  Between the two of them they taught me how to respect outdoors.  Always cleaning up my tackle, line, and garbage after I was finished fishing.  Depending on the species we were fishing for they showed me that catch and release was important, and how to handle fish properly.  Although, my fishing knowledge has grown way further than I could have ever imagined, those basics that they taught me still stick with me today.

Because of our love of the outdoors, we have remained very close even though I have grown and moved out on my own.  My father and I remain life long fishing partner, which will never change.  To this day we fish bass tournament together and enjoy fishing for other species just for fun. 

For all of you parents out there, please teach your children to love and respect the outdoors.  Even if you don’t have previous knowledge of the outdoors whether it be fishing or any other activity the memories and bond you make with you kids will stick with them for a lifetime.  I know that I appreciate and cherish those memories and look forward to making many more of them.  So remember this father’s day

In one final thought, I would like to thank my parents for their support, teachings, and time that they spent with me.  If it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today.

News Reporter
My name is Leo Cancilla, and I was born April 23, 1984. I live in Butler Pennsylvania with my fantastic wife Jessica. I have been fishing local fishing tournaments for about 12 years now. My fishing strengths are power fishing and flipping. My favorite lake in Pennsylvania is Pymatuning Lake.

This year I will be competeing the Bassmaster Weekend Series - New York West Division, Keystone Bass Buddies Circuit, Club Tournaments, and the Lake Arthur Wednesday Night Tournaments.

My sponsors for this year are:

Pure Fishing

Dig-In Shallow Water Anchors

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