End of the Slump?

Well it turns out that there are fish in Lake Arthur even though I have been struggle to get hits let alone catching fish.  Last night in the 7th wednesday night tournament of the year my dad and I managed 3 keepers that weighed 5.85 lbs.  We finished 6th place and were more than pleased.  We boated 15-20 bass and I managed to catch a northern pike that was around 26″ and a striper that was probably near 12lbs. 

The unusual water temperatures have been moving fish were they normally wouldn’t be located.  The surface temperature last night after all of the rain was 73 degree.  That is way lower than the normal temperature of 83-85 degrees for this time of year.  Normally, a deeper off shore pattern is best this time of year, but because of the water temperature and all of the rain we have been having the fish are scattered at a variety of depths. 

Last night we went back to basics a bit.  We ran to our first spot and fish for almost 2 hours before firing our big motor.  Covering a bunch of water we managed to get fish at multiple depths on a variety of lures.  I wish I could pass on a solid pattern, but the lake just hasn’t given me one to this point.

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