West Penn Bass Hunters

2010 West Penn Bass Hunters Banquet

This year the West Penn Bass Hunters are looking for new members. I have been a member of the club since 2006 and can honestly say that I wish I would have found the club sooner. It is full of a great bunch of guys that just enjoy fishing and tournament fishing. We are a club with varying skill level. There are several members that have barely fished, and several other anglers that have fished bigger circuits such as the Bassmaster Weekend Series, BFL, and ABA. Everybody shares information on tackle, how they caught fish, and new lakes and rivers to fish.

The club fishes a 14 tournament schedule. When I tell people that they usually bail on the club. However, we only take you best 7 finishes for the end of the year standings. The system we use is a points based system. 30 points for 1st, 29 for 2nd, 28 for 3rd and so on down to 1 point. Anyone showing up for the tournament at least gets 1 point. Lunker is a bonus 2 points. So the highest point total that you can get in one event is 32 points. For a complete schedule of club tournaments see our website calendar.

Club dues for the year are split up into two halves. January through the end of June cost $20, and from July through the end of the year cost $20. If you are a member there is a free banquet for you at the end of the fishing season. This year we went to the North Park Lounge Deckhouse. West Penn Bass Hunters club is not affiliated with the Federation Nation or the TBF so there are no extra dues.

For more club information you can email me at leo@fishpittsburgh.com or call Hank Lach (club president) at 412-897-6165. Good luck fishing.

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