The last couple of weekends I have been spending them at Pymatuning Lake.  Water conditions have been extremely low and the water temperatures are running much warmer than usual at this point.  This hasn’t stopped the fish from biting though.  The entire spring the water has been low leaving the bass to spawn in different areas than normal and fisherman having to adjust without being able to fishing in their normal areas.

Two weeks ago was KBBC event.  My dad and I are a team as always and have been catching a good number of bass up there.  Two weeks prior to the KBBC event we won a touranment catching prespawn fish on a staging area.  Because the spawn was going on for this event that spot wasn’t holding up.  We ended up flipping weeds with beavers and tubes to get ourselves to a 14th place finish.  Not a great finish, but when you can’t find spawners getting almost 15lbs of fish is a good day.

This past weekend I fished my first YRBA tournament on Pymatuning.  The guys in the club were really excepting and put on a nice tournament.  It was a 2 day event and we fished 6 to 2 on both days.  Day 1 Jon and I managed a small 11.85lbs of fish.  However, Sunday we managed to boat 17.26lbs in the boat by switching to ledge fishing.  That switched allowed us to win the tournament by .35lbs to a team that fished weeds both days.  I am looking forward to the next event I get to fish in that club.

Hopefully, before the next tournament up at Pymatuning the water level rises some.  If you are fishing a tournament there any time soon.  Don’t forget to keep your livewells cool with lots of ice.  Post spawn is very tough on fish in a livewell and they aren’t used to warm water yet.

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My name is Leo Cancilla, and I was born April 23, 1984. I live in Butler Pennsylvania with my fantastic wife Jessica. I have been fishing local fishing tournaments for about 12 years now. My fishing strengths are power fishing and flipping. My favorite lake in Pennsylvania is Pymatuning Lake.

This year I will be competeing the Bassmaster Weekend Series - New York West Division, Keystone Bass Buddies Circuit, Club Tournaments, and the Lake Arthur Wednesday Night Tournaments.

My sponsors for this year are:

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