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Bass Hounds 2012 Season Review | Fish Pittsburgh

Sorry for the lack of updates this year, it was a busy, busy summer for the team.  The team traveled from Washington D.C. into Ohio, up to New York and all over Central and Western PA.  The Bass Hounds welcomed a new member in this year, Ben Billott.  Derek and Ben fished the 2012 PA Fishers of Men circuit together.  Ben also competes in the PA Bass Federation state and regional events.

The 2012 Fishers of Men circuit were held in western and central PA, starting off at Raystown Lake in the spring, traveling to Sayers Lake near state college, from there to Shenango Reservoir in north western PA, Kinzu Reservoir in north central PA, and finished up in central PA at Curwensville Dam near IUP.  Ben and Derek held their own, bringing fish to the scale at each event, they did not fish the last event due to other tournaments they are committed to, but in the end they finished 24th in the state and qualified for the regional championship.

Team members Brad Bressler, Derek Severns and Bob Severns fished the 2012 Mingo Creek Anglers Events together.  This is a 10 event scheduled that is followed by a Classic at the end of the year.  This series traveled from the Potomac River in Washington DC, into Ohio to Mosquito Lake, through PA to the mighty Mon River, Pymatuning Lake, Lake Erie, Conneaut Lake, Clarion River and Lake Wilhelm.   Some of the highlights from this series were, at the first event of the year.  The Potomac River in D.C., team member Derek Severns won the event and also won tournament lunker.  Mosquito Lake in Ohio hosted two events for this circuit, at the first of the two, Derek Severns won the event and Brad came in second, team member Bob Severns finished inside the top ten at each of these events. At the second event held at this lake team member Brad Bressler won the event and also won lunker, Derek finished 4th.   Lake Erie hosted an event in the summer, Derek Severns finished the event in second place, Bob Severns finished 8th.  Soon after this event we traveled to the Mon River, in the Elizabeth pool, this is the pool above Pittsburgh.  This gave anglers the option to stay in this pool, lock up to the Mon City pool or down to the Pittsburgh pool and then fish the Mon, Allegheny or the Ohio Rivers.  At this event Brad finished 2nd and won lunker.  The team traveled north to Lake Wilhelm, here Derek finished 3rd, Brad finished 4th and Bob finished 6th.   In the end the team finished well in this series, Derek Severns won the points race, Brad finished 6th and Bob finished the year out in 10th.   All three anglers fished the Classic, the event was held at Lake Erie the first weekend in October.  The weather was extreme the first day, high winds and waves made the event be “bay only”.   At the end of the first day Derek was in 2nd place only a half pound off the lead, only two guys brought limits to the scales that first day, and Derek was one of them.  Day two of the event was open to the main lake, the waves were still 2 to 4 foot range but it was fishable.  In the end Derek Severns ended up winning the event, Bob was 10th and Brad was 12th.  Derek was informed that he was the only angler to ever win the Angler of the Year race and the Classic Championship in the same year.

Along the way throughout the year the guys also fished some other events.  Ben qualified for the PA Bass Federation State Championship, this is a very elite group of anglers that make it to this event, from there only the top 12 make it onto represent the state of PA in the Mid Atlantic Divisional event, from there the top angler advances to the Federation National Championship and the top guy from there makes it to Bass Master Classic.  Ben finished 15th at the State event held at Cayuga Lake in New York and then 26th at Lake Erie, these to finishes were enough to qualify Ben for the State Championship.  This event was held on the Potomac River in D.C., Ben went on to finish 6th, which makes him a boater for the PA divisional team next fall.

Brad and Derek also team up to fit in and fish two buddy tournaments along the way.  They fished the Walt’s Tavern Buddy tournament that is held at Conneaut Lake in northwest PA, at this event they guys finished 4th.  They also traveled to Chautauqua Lake in New York to fish the Do-Bass Series event there; this tournament had 67 teams signed up for it, the guy’s finished mid pack with 10.13 pounds.  The weights were extremely tight and only one good bit was between the guys and a check, it just didn’t happen on that day.
As you can see the guys had a full plate this year, next year is shaping up to be a good one, with some of the events and locations have already been announced.  The schedule will be full again, but I’m sure the team will be there and putting their best foot forward representing the team sponsors the best ways they know how.  The team once again wants to thanks all of their 2012 sponsors as without them none of this is possible.  Please look these company’s up and use them as they support the sport we all love.

www.valvoline.com                    www.nervouswaters.com           www.straussautomotive.com
www.themetalmenders.com       www.fishpittsburgh.com             www.mcelhinny-insurance.com

News Reporter
Fishing has always been a passion of my. I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk and still have the same, anytime any place attitude about going fishing. In 2005 I started fishing some local bass tournaments, Butler BassCasters Wednesday Night tournaments, Local Opens, and a few K.B.B.C tournaments. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot from the guys I fish with.

Email: parker@fishpittsburgh.com

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