Butler Basscasters Wednesday Evening Tournament – #1 held on Lake Arthur and launched from 528 Boat Launch – June 19, 2013.

PlaceBoaterPartnerWeight# of Fish
1stSteve SellMike Doerflinger9.754
2ndMark KeeneAaron Dickey9.273
3rdJim O'DonnellJohn Schnitzer8.834
4thDave StellfoxJim Cernowski8.464
5thTim ByersScott Casper7.794
6thBrendan ConlonMyron Wrona6.973
7thRon FeitsTerry Feits6.33
8thMark WaterbecJohn Waterbec6.273
LunkerMark KeeneAaron Dickey5.87LM

For more information about the Butler Bass Casters you can find them at: http://www.butlerbasscasters.org/



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