Willow LeafColoradoSpinnerbaits offer a ton of options and are a very versatile lure. You can change the skirt color, skirt size, weight of lure, blade size, blade style, number or blades and more. The most common thing we hear is willow leaf blades or Colorado blades? Our answer to that is simple, both, and depends on water conditions, weather, species being targeted, and type of baitfish in the body of water. We can’t get into all the details in options for different blades on this tip of the week, but here are a few rules of thumb. First, in clear water it is better to use willow leafs because you can pull them through the water faster. This is especially true if you have a bluebird sky and calm conditions. If you have stained or muddy water you should go with a Colorado blade because it puts out a bigger vibration and causes more of a disturbance. Another option is to use a combination of the two blades. That is a quick reference guide and if you wish for more information visit our old article Picking the Right Spinnerbait.



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