As some of you may or may not know for the last year I have been the treasurer of the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit. I spent most of the year last year organizing past information and getting a feel for how everything was run. Let me start by saying that there couldn’t be a better group of guys to run a fishing circuit. Everyone is happy to volunteer their time and make the circuit as good as it can be. With the recent decline of cash sponsors we decided it was time to change how we allocated our money. Much like any other business in an ever changing economy. Below is a small list of changes and where that money will be allocated.

1. There will no longer being sponsoring clubs at the events. This will allow the circuit to retain the $10 per paid entry. The downfall of this is that the KBBC staff will be asked to handle everything much like the classic.

2. There will no longer be $5 taken our of the paid entry to go to Make A Wish. The circuit will once again put that money back into the event payouts. That does not mean that we are going to stop donating to Make A Wish. $10 from every member and alternate’s membership fee, and the Make A Wish raffle money at the kickoff will be donated.

3. Membership will be increased from $20 to $50 per member/alternate. $30 goes towards operating expenses, $10 goes to the bass team championship fee, and $10 goes to Make A Wish.

4. Entry fees are increasing from $160 to $200.

5. Each event will payout 10 places regardless of the number of boats. This will allow for a better payout and every check as long as there is 34 boats in the event to win their entry fee back. Payout percentage is also going to be increased. Last year the average payout was 61% of the entry fee. This year it will be a set 77% of the entry fee to be paid out.

6. The top 25 teams in points will make the championship. The top 5 teams will receive a free entry. Teams 6 through 25 will have a $100 entry.

These are the major changes that have been implemented for 2018. Other changes have happened to save the circuit money and make the circuit better, but I don’t feel those need to be announced. Please keep in mind that these changes are not to charge people more and make this an exclusive circuit. The changes have been made to make the circuit sustainable without cash sponsor money. All cash sponsor money will be added to the classic payout with this financial model.

Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit will be holding its annual kickoff meeting this Sunday, March 11 at 12:00. The location is the West Deer Fire Hall #1 (same as last year). Please come out and hear about all of the changes, see several presentations, and participate in the raffles, free lunch and beverages. Hope to see everyone there.

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