Berkley Flicker Shad

Check out this video with Chase Parsons showing off the new colors of the Berkley Flicker Shad. These are great lures when it comes to walleye and smallmouth bass fishing.



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KBBC Kickoff

I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that this Sunday @ 12:00 pm the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit will be holding its annual kickoff meeting. The location is the West Deer Fire Hall #2 and is open to the public. There are a significant amount of changes to the circuit this year and they will all be addressed at the meeting. As always lunch will be served and sponsor prizes will be given out. For more information and directions visit the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit website. I hope to see everyone there.



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Willow Leaf Vs. Colorado Blades

Willow LeafColoradoSpinnerbaits offer a ton of options and are a very versatile lure. You can change the skirt color, skirt size, weight of lure, blade size, blade style, number or blades and more. The most common thing we hear is willow leaf blades or Colorado blades? Our answer to that is simple, both, and depends on water conditions, weather, species being targeted, and type of baitfish in the body of water. We can’t get into all the details in options for different blades on this tip of the week, but here are a few rules of thumb. First, in clear water it is better to use willow leafs because you can pull them through the water faster. This is especially true if you have a bluebird sky and calm conditions. If you have stained or muddy water you should go with a Colorado blade because it puts out a bigger vibration and causes more of a disturbance. Another option is to use a combination of the two blades. That is a quick reference guide and if you wish for more information visit our old article Picking the Right Spinnerbait.



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Ready to be a Tournament Angler?

Tournament MorningAre you ready to make the jump to fishing competitively? The best and most common way to become a tournament angler is to join a local club. Most clubs offer a 6-12 day tournament schedule throughout the year that are fairly inexpensive to fish. A lot of club tournament are held as team events to help minimize cost and to teach anglers that have less experience. Most guys fishing in a club are willing to share information and help each other grow as anglers and competitive fishermen. Don’t expect them to tell you how they are catching fish or where, but you can expect to be shown rods, reels, boating equipment, on occasion techniques, and most importantly what happens at each stage of the tournament process. Check out our local clubs page for some of the local clubs in our area.



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Thoughts & Prayers

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Genter family. Deb Genter passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Those in the local bass fishing community know Rob & Deb because they have been involved for years. Deb will be missed by all that knew her. Below is the arrangement information for the viewing and funeral.

As far as I know the arrangements are as follows:

Calling Hours 2-4pm and 6-9pm on Tuesday February 10th, 2015 at the Higgins Funeral Home in Tidioute, Pa.

Funeral is Wednesday Feb 11th at 11am at the Tidioute Presbyterian Church in Tidioute.

Call Walt Stover if you have questions at 814 664 3933.

Donations can be made out to Terri Fike (Deb’s Sister), 59 Jefferson St. Tidioute, Pa 16351


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Strike King

KVD 1.5Anyone that has fished with me before knows I carry a box loaded with Strike King crankbaits. In particular, there will be many KVD 1.5 crankbaits. This has quickly became one of my favorite lures to fish around stumps and weedlines. I have been using these lures since Kevin Vandam won the Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Detla using them. The lures have held up great throughout the years and I have caught many fish on them.

This past fall before a tournament I bought 6 KVD 1.5 in 2 different colors. When I got there to practice I made three casts with the first one out of the package and the lip broke off. A little surprised because this has never happened to be with a strike king lure. When happened next really surprised me. In the next hour I broke 2 more lips off and put the rest in the box for the next day. The next morning was the tournament and I broke 2 more of them. Now I am sure you are reading this thinking I was cranking into stumps, rip rap or bridge piers. The truth is that I was fishing a weedline and I never slap my lures off the water when there are weeds on them. To say the least I was very disappointed.

The next week I wrote Strike King an email stating what had happened to with their lures and if they had changed anything that could make them weaker. Through conversation with several people showed great concern at their lures failure. This may have surprised me more than the lures breaking. Those people did not know me at all yet believed what I told them about how the lures broke and how often I had used them before without a problem. It is for this reason and this reason alone that I will continue to use KVD 1.5. They are great lures and the company stands by the product. When our conversations had ended they had asked me to ship them back to them to analize. In return they sent me replacement lures in the colors I desired. I am not telling you that so you contact Strike King to try and get free lures if you have broken ones. I wrote this because I am showing how a great company stands behind its product even for the weekend angler.

This experience has opened my eyes to how companies can work with fishermen to better their product. I will not hesitate to contact companies in the future if I am having problems or see flaws that could make the product better. It will not be for free items, but for the common good of fishermen everywhere that may buy the same tackle or equipment.



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Save fish with Soda?

SpriteAs a competitive bass fishermen I am also looking for a way to take better care of my fish in the livewell to assure a live release after weigh-in. A follow competitor told me about using Sprite or Ginger Ale to stop a fish from bleeding. When you catch a few that took a bad hook you have to make a decision to either release it immediately or try to keep it alive in the livewell. Several occasions now I have hooked a fish in the tongue or the gills and the fish was bleeding excessively. In each instance I held the fish over the side of the boat and pour about 1/2 of a 20oz sprite into the fishes mouth and through the gills. I gave the fish about 10 seconds and placed them in the livewell. The fish never bleed again and was released unharmed after weigh-in. I am not saying this is a full proof solution to a fish in distress, but if it helps save one fish it is worth keeping a soda on board.



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Salmon Creek

Located in the Allegheny Nation Forest is a trout stream called Salmon Creek. The creek begins at the outflow of the Beaver Meadows Lake and weaves in and out of the hills throughout Forest County. As the stream flows towards its junction with Tionesta Creek there are several tributaries coming into Salmon Creek. The tranquility and peaceful setting makes this a great setting for hiking and trout fishing.

The tributary of Tionesta Creek is well stocked by the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission several times per year. The stockings typically begins several miles below the outflow of the Beaver Meadows Lake and continues all the way to Tionesta Creek. Typically brook and brown trout will be stocked in the stream. However, the stockings vary from year to year.

Joe FlySalmon Creek is not a large creek and doesn’t require the ability to make long casts. However, most of the creek is surrounded by heavy timber and low branches which will require short accurate casting. Spinning tackle is the most common style utilized, but skilled fly fishermen will have success as well. Most of your favorite lures or live bait will work. My favorite tactic is the threaded minnow rig. If I don’t take live bait then I opt for a Joe’s Flies inline spinner. When rigging the inline spinner I will put a small split shot about six inches above the knot.

There are several options for lodging during your trip to Salmon Creek. Kelletville Campground located on the shore of Tionesta Creek is a great option, but can be crowded during the opening weekend of trout and holiday weekends. You can also camp in the Allegheny National Forest as long as you follow the rules of the nation forest. If you are willing to make a small drive in the morning there are several options in the town of Tionesta. The Mid-Town Hotel and Eagle Rock Motel are just two options.



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Battery Terminals

dirtybatteryAre you having trouble with your electronics or charging system on your boat? There is a good chance that your battery terminals and or connections are corroded. Corroded battery terminals often lead to failed or insufficient charging. Also, it will reduce the connection between the battery and the fixture whether it would be your lights, electronics, or even trolling motor. If there is corrosion the solution is simple. Clean the terminals with a wire brush or adapter for a cordless drill that goes over the terminal. With the same items and perhaps sandpaper clean all connectors. After that is done and you are still having trouble have your battery tested and your local auto parts store.



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Alaska Fishing Trip

IMG_1450This past August I got to chance to go fishing in Alaska with my dad for salmon and halibut.   It was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who loves fishing.  We booked our trip through Tyland at Alaska Fishing Lodge and I couldn’t be happy with the way we were treated.  We were in Alaska for 7 days.  3 days guided on the Kenai River, 1 day on Cook Inlet out of Ninilchik for halibut, and 2 days to do what we would like.

Day 1

Our first day on the water was a guided trip on the Kenai.  We took a short run up river where we setup above a large hole.  Within just a few minute of getting there we were hooked up with some nice pink salmon.  The highlight of day was a nice Silver my dad got.

DSCF1264Day 2

On day 2 we went for halibut.  The morning started slow but as the tides change the halibut started eating.  There is a limit of 2 halibut per person, one over 29″ and one under. My dad and I each got halibut in 30 lb range as well as our under sized fish.  We also got to see a 67 lber get brought into the boat.  I will tell you these fish are extremely powerful and after a day of catching them my arms were sore for the next few days.




Day 3

Day 3 was an off day for us.  Ty had equipment that we could use to go fish from the bank so we went down to try our luck.  We used a technique called “flossing” to catch fish.  The technique is very easy to use once you figure it out.  You basically stand on the bank and toss a hook with a weight a few feet up the line, upstream and let the current bring it down into a fishes mouth.  I was told this technique works as the salmon swim up the bank of the river.  This was very productive for us as there was a large run of pink salmon coming through.

IMG_1447Day 4 & 5

We were back on guided trips on the Kenai catching Pinks and Silvers.

Day 6

We were on our own again and went back to the spot we had fished a few days before.  On this day we got lucky and found a few remanding sockeye that had not yet moved up river.  We caught a bunch of pink as well as a limit of sockeye.

Day 7

On our last day in Alaska we drove around a little before heading to the airport.  We got to see a few moose in the wild as well as some amazing sights.

This trip was one of the highlights of 2014 for me and I hope to get back to see Ty again here in the coming years.  If you have any interest in fishing Alaska I would check out the packages Ty has as you will be surprised how affordable the trip of a lifetime really is.  Fishing Packages 

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