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TBF District 6 – Brady’s Bend, PA

Brady’s Bend, PA was the host of the third and final event for TBF District 6.  It was held August 22nd on the Allegheny River. The Brady’s Bend pool of the Allegheny River is a very unique pool, if you were to leave the boat launch and head north, you would only be able to navigate about a mile or so in a normal boat.  You need to have a jet boat to go any further north.  South of the boat launch is about 8 miles of river that can be fished with a normal outboard motor.   Around 60 percent of the field had jet boats that morning.

Prior to this event, Rich, Brian and Brad had spent time pre-fishing this pool, with mixed results.  None of the guys had jet boats, so they we stuck fishing in the lower end of the pool.  Rumors have it that the best fishing is to be had the further north you can go.  Rich had a pattern going with a buzz bait, followed up with a senko if the fish missed it.  Brad was working his areas with a fluke and a shallow running crank bait, while Brian spent his time working a Pop-R and a Poor Boys Jig.

The morning of the tournament the anglers were greeted with overcast skies, just what you think the anglers may need to catch them.  But in practice the guys were fishing very bright sunny skies.  So as normal Mother Nature put her twist on things.

At the end of the day Brad finished 9th on the angler side with 4 fish, he broke one of with about 5 minutes left to fish that would have bumped him up to around third or so, do the weights all being so close.  Brian finished 11th with 2 fish.  Rich also had two fish, but one fish did not make it to the scales alive so he was docked at ½ pound as per the rules, that put Rich in 13th for the day.

On the co-angler side Bob finished 7th, Derek finished 8th with a ½ pound dead fish penalty and Jeff finished 12th.  The dead fish for Derek really ended up costing him big, without the dead fish penalty Derek would have finished 5th in the tournament and ultimately winning the angler of the year points race.  Due to the 8th place finish, Derek ended up 2nd in the co-angler of the year points, by a ½ of point.

As 2010 TBF district 6 came to a close the Bass Hounds ended up pretty good, but are looking to improve for next year.  On the angler side Rich Wolota finished 2nd, Brad Bressler finished 8th, Brian Spencer finished 13th.  On the co-angler side Derek Severns finished 2nd, Jeff Spencer finished 9th and Bob Severns finished 16th.  Five of the six team members qualified for the state classic to be held October 8th and 9th at Chautauqua Lake in NY.  Catch you after that!

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East Brady

Sunday morning Jess and I went up to East Brady for the morning to chase some river smallmouth bass.  This is probably my favorite stretch of river to fish in the Western part of the state.  For those who are unfimiliar with East Brady it is located on the Allegheny River.  There is a public boat launch just off of the main drag across from town.  East Brady is know of its campers and pleasure boating, but the fishing can be unbelievable. 

We got there around 7:00 am and fish until around noon.  My first stop gave me too nice smallmouth.  Both were over 15 inches long.  I caught 1 on a white buzzbait and the other on a chartruse spinnerbait.  The fish that I caught were very aggressive.  Later in the morning I managed to catch another keeper (about 14″).  I also lost a true monster on a popper.  Their were a weird set of circumstances with the hit, but lets just say that she broke  my line and heart on the initial hit.  I got a good look at the fish because it jumped to throw my popper back to me.  I am guessing that the smallmouth was in the 20″ range.  The rest of the fish that I managed to catch were dinks, but still fun.

In a couple of weeks the fishing at East Brady will get increasingly better until november.  Then the fishing will get difficult.  I am looking forward to my next trip up there.

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