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YRBA – Cross Creek

Sunday marked the first tournament of the Yough River Bass Association. It was held at Cross Creek Lake. We had 19 teams battling it out as we looked for valuable points towards team of the year, prize money and bragging rights.

Jon and I started the day hoping for a solid finish to defend our run of 3 straight team of the year titles. I was unable to practice for the event, but Jon got down 1 morning to practice and found a stretch that had a fair amount of fish on it. Much like both of my previous tournament we decided we were going to grind that area all day. It paid off because we caught over 20 bass and landed 4 keepers that went 9.79lbs. That doesn’t sound very good, but on this day it was enough to win the tournament. All of our fish came pitching or dragging soft plastics or jigs. We gained a 50 points and lead the team of the year standings heading into the Pymatuning events where we will try to keep the momentum going.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Yough River Bass Association (YRBA), here is a break down of the club and how it works. Annual membership is $50 per adult or $30 per junior angler. Junior anglers are considered 15 or under as they go by the fish commission rules for fishing license. Once a junior member is paid on the team you take any junior member from either adult members house without another membership fee. Each single day tournament costs $50 and 2 day events cost $100 to fish. Single day tournaments are worth 50 points to win and the 2 day events are worth 50 points per day, but the money is combined for a larger payout. At the end of the year the top 10 teams in point standings fish in the club championship which is a free entry with a high payout. Membership includes a free T-Shirt and you and a guest can come to the end of year/kickoff banquet. The payouts are based on the $50 entry fee. $20 goes to first place, $10 goes to second place, $5 goes towards third place, $5 goes towards lunker, and $10 goes to the end of the year championship. The same break down applies to the 2 day events, but the amounts double. In my opinion this club has a great group of guys, goes to great fisheries, and give you a great opportunity to compete with low team fees.



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The last couple of weekends I have been spending them at Pymatuning Lake.  Water conditions have been extremely low and the water temperatures are running much warmer than usual at this point.  This hasn’t stopped the fish from biting though.  The entire spring the water has been low leaving the bass to spawn in different areas than normal and fisherman having to adjust without being able to fishing in their normal areas.

Two weeks ago was KBBC event.  My dad and I are a team as always and have been catching a good number of bass up there.  Two weeks prior to the KBBC event we won a touranment catching prespawn fish on a staging area.  Because the spawn was going on for this event that spot wasn’t holding up.  We ended up flipping weeds with beavers and tubes to get ourselves to a 14th place finish.  Not a great finish, but when you can’t find spawners getting almost 15lbs of fish is a good day.

This past weekend I fished my first YRBA tournament on Pymatuning.  The guys in the club were really excepting and put on a nice tournament.  It was a 2 day event and we fished 6 to 2 on both days.  Day 1 Jon and I managed a small 11.85lbs of fish.  However, Sunday we managed to boat 17.26lbs in the boat by switching to ledge fishing.  That switched allowed us to win the tournament by .35lbs to a team that fished weeds both days.  I am looking forward to the next event I get to fish in that club.

Hopefully, before the next tournament up at Pymatuning the water level rises some.  If you are fishing a tournament there any time soon.  Don’t forget to keep your livewells cool with lots of ice.  Post spawn is very tough on fish in a livewell and they aren’t used to warm water yet.


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