Made a trip up to Lake Wilhelm on Saturday with my girlfriend and the dog, we launched around 10:30 AM from Launch #4.  We started fishing on some humps and roadbeds with a shad colored crankbait, did this for around 2 hours without a hit.  Next we moved down the lake to a weed bed and was able to get two hit on a white 3/8 oz spinnerbait but didn’t get hooked up.  Our next stop was some laydowns farther down the lake.   I was able to get a small largemouth, 14” or so, on a 3/8oz black and blue jig.  Not a big fish by any means but I was very happy to finial get a fish in the boat.  I worked the rest of the laydowns on that shore and got a few more hits but was unable to hook up with anything.  We made one finial stop on the way back up the lake in a small weed patch in 6 feet of water and I was able to get another largemouth and lost one on the same jig I caught the other one on.  The fish were not eating that well at all but it was a beautiful day on the water.

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Fishing has always been a passion of my. I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk and still have the same, anytime any place attitude about going fishing. In 2005 I started fishing some local bass tournaments, Butler BassCasters Wednesday Night tournaments, Local Opens, and a few K.B.B.C tournaments. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot from the guys I fish with.

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2 thoughts on “Trip to Lake Wihelm

  1. I’ve never fished wilheim but im sure its tough fishing this time of year just like most lakes around here… glad to see you caught a 1+ lber though!

  2. Wilhelm is a great lake. It has something for every type of fishermen: Weeds, wood, deep structure, pads, ect. Only getting a few little ones up there makes it one of my worst trips every to that lake, but like I said before Wilhelm gives me at least one bad trip every year.

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