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Alaska Fishing Trip

IMG_1450This past August I got to chance to go fishing in Alaska with my dad for salmon and halibut.   It was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone who loves fishing.  We booked our trip through Tyland at Alaska Fishing Lodge and I couldn’t be happy with the way we were treated.  We were in Alaska for 7 days.  3 days guided on the Kenai River, 1 day on Cook Inlet out of Ninilchik for halibut, and 2 days to do what we would like.

Day 1

Our first day on the water was a guided trip on the Kenai.  We took a short run up river where we setup above a large hole.  Within just a few minute of getting there we were hooked up with some nice pink salmon.  The highlight of day was a nice Silver my dad got.

DSCF1264Day 2

On day 2 we went for halibut.  The morning started slow but as the tides change the halibut started eating.  There is a limit of 2 halibut per person, one over 29″ and one under. My dad and I each got halibut in 30 lb range as well as our under sized fish.  We also got to see a 67 lber get brought into the boat.  I will tell you these fish are extremely powerful and after a day of catching them my arms were sore for the next few days.




Day 3

Day 3 was an off day for us.  Ty had equipment that we could use to go fish from the bank so we went down to try our luck.  We used a technique called “flossing” to catch fish.  The technique is very easy to use once you figure it out.  You basically stand on the bank and toss a hook with a weight a few feet up the line, upstream and let the current bring it down into a fishes mouth.  I was told this technique works as the salmon swim up the bank of the river.  This was very productive for us as there was a large run of pink salmon coming through.

IMG_1447Day 4 & 5

We were back on guided trips on the Kenai catching Pinks and Silvers.

Day 6

We were on our own again and went back to the spot we had fished a few days before.  On this day we got lucky and found a few remanding sockeye that had not yet moved up river.  We caught a bunch of pink as well as a limit of sockeye.

Day 7

On our last day in Alaska we drove around a little before heading to the airport.  We got to see a few moose in the wild as well as some amazing sights.

This trip was one of the highlights of 2014 for me and I hope to get back to see Ty again here in the coming years.  If you have any interest in fishing Alaska I would check out the packages Ty has as you will be surprised how affordable the trip of a lifetime really is.  Fishing Packages 

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Trip to Lake Wilhelm

Made a trip up to Wilhelm this past Sunday, with my buddy, and much like the past few trips up there this year we struggled to get quality fish.  We put in at the marina around 6am and we started working our way down the shoreline.  We didn’t get anything to speak of in the first 3 or 4 spots we hit.  We tried jigs, cranks, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and worms. There was lots of bait moving around, just nothing eating it. Finally around 11am we made a run down by the dam to a spot I can normally get a few good one off of and BJ got a nice one.  We caught a few more fish down there and decided it was too hot to stay out much longer, so we headed in.  One thing that I have noticed up there this year is the fact that the weeds are not growing very well.  Most of the spots I fish up there don’t have the weeds on them like they did in the past.

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Springdale pool of the Allegheny River

Liz and I went out on the Springdale pool of the Allegheny River on Saturday to try out some of the new hand poured beavers, worms, and flukes I have been working on.   We caught a good number of smallmouth and spotted bass, with a few rock bass and catfish mixed in.   Most of the bass came off water dumps, walls, and pillars.  They weren’t really active and seemed be holding pretty tight to the bottom so we caught most of our fish dragging beavers or working the drop shot.  Liz got all of her fish dragging a small texas rigged green pumpkin beaver with an 1/8oz weight that she named “Squishy”.  I got most of my fish on a little hand poured 4″ drop shot worm.  The two colors that got me the most hits were the green pumpkin purple flake and a watermelon red flake.

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Musky at Lake Arthur

My dad and I when to Lake Arthur this weekend looking to catch some Hybrid Strippers.  We started in the late afternoon up by the boat rentals.  We caught 10 or so largemouth but no strippers.  Next we went down the old 422 finger and started fishing the road bed.  After about hour we hooked up with good sized musky and we were able to get some of the fight on video.  I was amazed we were able to land it on 8lb test and a spinning tackle.

After that we fished for a while more and my dad did get a 22″ stripper just after dark on jerkbait.   There was a good amount of bait rolling around but the strippers were not really active.   It’s still a little early for them to be taking bait off the surface, water temp was only 62 degrees.

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April Weekend at Lake Arthur

I fished both days this weekend at Lake Arthur.  On Saturday my Dad and I put in at the 528 launch around 10 am and started fishing up in Shannon’s bay.   We got a few largemouth on chatterbaits and spinnerbaits as well as had a few musky that were following our lures to the boat.  Next, we ran up to the old 422 finger and fished in the bays across from the launch with no luck.  Then we  ran back to fish some laydowns in muddy creek with nothing to show for it.   We only caught one keeper all day on Saturday so my hopes for doing well in my club tournament on Sunday were not very high.

Sunday we put in at bear run at 7 am and I ran straight to Shannon’s bay where we had caught a few fish the day before.  On my first cast I had a musky come up to the boat and bite off my chatterbait.   Then I picked up my spinnerbait, made a few more casts and had another musky hooked up that straightened out my trailer hook.   Still not having caught a bass, I grabbed my Red Eye Shad and within a few cast it was gone.  Something ate it off.  I’m guessing a musky.  I was getting a little pissed at this point, so I moved in close to an isolated weed patch and started pitching a beaver.  After about a dozen flips in a little musky or pike flash on it and bit it off.  That was enough of that so I picked up and ran down to old 422.  I made a few cast with my chatterbait and caught a small largemouth.  A few cast later, I hooked what looked to be a really good largemouth that came straight at me shaking her head but it came unbuttoned.  After loosing that fish, I stuck around for awhile but didn’t get anything else.  For next few hours I ran around trying all kinds of different spots:  weeds, laydowns, piles, ect.  No fish.  Finally, I ran into muddy creek around one o’clock and started pitching a craw into some shallow brush that I have caught fish off of in the past.   I got hit on my first pitch but missed the fish.  I made a few pitches getting hit each time but missing the fish.  After about 15 pitches, I hooked up with a solid 3.69lb largemouth.  I put her in the boat and made a few more pitches and got a 3.5 lb largemouth.  I finished out the day fishing laydowns and managed to get my 3rd keeper, a 15″ largemouth.  My total weight with a three fish limit was 9.01 lbs.  All my keepers came in about three feet of water off wood on a green pumpkin craw.

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First Trip of 2010 – Lake Arthur

Side Imaging Scan of a tree (Click to enlarge)

The ice came off this weekend, so we got a chance to head out to Lake Arthur.  I was excited to get on the water to play with my new Humminbird Side Imaging fish finder.  This weekend was the first time I got to try it out, so I spent most of my time on the water trolling around playing with some of the features of the new unit.   It’s some pretty cool technology but it’s definitely is going to take some time to figure out how to use it to its fullest ability. It was nice to be able to see what was down there.  I went to a brush pile, or what I thought was a brush, only to figure out it was really a tree.  It took a few passes around it to get a good clean scan but I was able to get this scan of what appears to be a tree top.

We did do some fishing while we were out too.  The fishing was pretty slow. The surface temp was in the high 40’s in the coves and in the low 40’s in the main lake.   We were only able to manage two bites.  Both bites we got came on a Luck Craft pointer while it was sitting suspended.  The first bite we got was short lived and shook off after a few turns of the reel.  The second bite of the day turned out to be a nice 4 lb smallmouth. The fishing wasn’t great but it was nice to get back out of the water.  I  hope everyone gets to get out and do some fishing soon.






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Final Tournament of the Year – Lake Arthur

The final bass tournament of the year has come and gone.  The bass club I fish in, West Penn Bass Hunters, had there final tournament of the year on Lake Arthur last Sunday.  I had not pre-fished for this tournament, but Lake Arthur is my home lake so I had a good idea where the fish might be.   After looking through my notes from the past few years, I decided that I would need to fish shallow weedlines and/or wood to get my fish.   We launched from 528 launch at 8am, with clear skies, no wind, warmer than average air temp, and the water temp was 49°.  My first stop of the day was a cove about half way down the lake.  Not knowing exactly where the fish would be I picked up my white chatterbait and started down the bank.  It didn’t take long to get my first hit, maybe 15-20 minutes, but it was just a 13” largemouth.  My next bite, coming just a few minutes later was much better, a solid 4.56lb largemouth.  After getting that big girl so early, I was planning on having a great day of fishing.  I fished around that cove for the next few hours, changing my lures and trying a spinnerbait, jig, jerkbait, and a beaver but was only able to get few more dinks.  I moved down around Bear Run next but didn’t get anything down there so I decided to make the run all the way back up to muddy creek.  I fished around in weeds with a spinnerbait and chatterbait for a few more hours with no success, so I decided to try dragging a beaver.  I was able to get one hit on the beaver, which ended up being my last keeper of the day, a 3lb largie.   My final stop of the day was up in Shannon’s Bay where I got one more dink on a chatterbait.  It was time to take in my fish in and see how everyone else did.  My total weight with my two fish was 7.65lbs and it was just enough to squeak out the win over two other guys that had three fish limits.  It was a great day to be on the water as the weather was nice and even though the fishing wasn’t great the size of the fish I got made up for the low number of fish I caught.

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Another Tough Day at Wilhelm

roadbed Oct1809

Sonar from the roadbed on Oct 18, 2009

Took at trip to Lake Wilhelm on Sunday with my Dad.  It wasn’t the warmest day on the water but it is October so fishing in the cold comes with the territory.  It was 38 degree with 15-20 mph winds, brrrr.  Water temp was 49 degrees. We launched around 10:00 AM from Launch #4.  We started fishing on some humps and roadbeds with a shad colored crankbaits and jigs for the first 2 hours without a hit. I’m pretty sure there were fish down there, see sonar, they were just not willing to eat for us.  Next we moved down the lake to a weed bed and was able to get two hit on a black and blue jig but didn’t get hooked up.  We then went to some laydowns but still couldn’t get hit.  We made one finial stop on the way back up the lake in a small weed patch in 5-7 feet of water and I was able to finally get a fish.  I nice 3lb largemouth on craw tube.  The fish were not eating as good as I was hoping but it was a beautiful day on the water.

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ABA New York West Division on Oneida Lake

This past weekend I fished as a rider in the last divisional event for the bassmaster weekend series, New York West Division on Oneida Lake.  This was the championship so it was a two day event held on Saturday and Sunday.  Much like Leo has said in the past, these guys from the ABA do a fine job at putting on a tournament.

Leo and I arrived at Oneida Lake Thursday afternoon and practiced both Thursday and Friday.  We found some solid spots around some of the shoals that littered the lake.  The main pattern was a 3/8 or ½ oz white spinnerbait over 10 or so feet of water.   Let me tell you that the smallmouth in Oneida are some of the strongest fighting smallies I have every seen.  In fact I didn’t talk to too many guys that didn’t have at least one spinnerbait broken by these guys, I myself broke two.  The secondary pattern was to pull a green pumpkin tube or beaver.

Day one of the tournament was not what I would call and nice day on the water.  Heavy winds produced some bumpy conditions, 3 to 5 footers.  Despite the bad weather conditions my boater was on good fish and I was able to get limit of solid fish using my ½ oz white spinnerbait on day one. This put me right where in needed to be for day two.

On day two the wind had died off a little but the rain moved in.  My boater had some smallmouth he fished in practice about half way down the lake so after a few stops in the morning we decided to run down and see if we could get into them.  We pulled up to spot and within an hour had a small limit.  We worked this area for the reset of the day and we were able to cull up but not quite to the quality of fish from day one.  Once again just about every fish came on a ½ oz white spinnerbait, a few came on a green pumpkin tube.

I was able to put together my first top 5 finish in this series, finishing 4th.  All in all it was a good weekend of fishing.  If I learned one thing from this trip it was that I’m more out of shape then I ever thought possible.  Throwing a ½ oz spinnerbait for four straight days had my arms sore.  I have no idea how KVD does it.

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Trip to Lake Wihelm


Made a trip up to Lake Wilhelm on Saturday with my girlfriend and the dog, we launched around 10:30 AM from Launch #4.  We started fishing on some humps and roadbeds with a shad colored crankbait, did this for around 2 hours without a hit.  Next we moved down the lake to a weed bed and was able to get two hit on a white 3/8 oz spinnerbait but didn’t get hooked up.  Our next stop was some laydowns farther down the lake.   I was able to get a small largemouth, 14” or so, on a 3/8oz black and blue jig.  Not a big fish by any means but I was very happy to finial get a fish in the boat.  I worked the rest of the laydowns on that shore and got a few more hits but was unable to hook up with anything.  We made one finial stop on the way back up the lake in a small weed patch in 6 feet of water and I was able to get another largemouth and lost one on the same jig I caught the other one on.  The fish were not eating that well at all but it was a beautiful day on the water.

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