My dad and I when to Lake Arthur this weekend looking to catch some Hybrid Strippers.  We started in the late afternoon up by the boat rentals.  We caught 10 or so largemouth but no strippers.  Next we went down the old 422 finger and started fishing the road bed.  After about hour we hooked up with good sized musky and we were able to get some of the fight on video.  I was amazed we were able to land it on 8lb test and a spinning tackle.

After that we fished for a while more and my dad did get a 22″ stripper just after dark on jerkbait.   There was a good amount of bait rolling around but the strippers were not really active.   It’s still a little early for them to be taking bait off the surface, water temp was only 62 degrees.

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Fishing has always been a passion of my. I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk and still have the same, anytime any place attitude about going fishing. In 2005 I started fishing some local bass tournaments, Butler BassCasters Wednesday Night tournaments, Local Opens, and a few K.B.B.C tournaments. It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot from the guys I fish with.


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