Trip to Lake Wilhelm

Made a trip up to Wilhelm this past Sunday, with my buddy, and much like the past few trips up there this year we struggled to get quality fish.  We put in at the marina around 6am and we started working our way down the shoreline.  We didn’t get anything to speak of in the first 3 or 4 spots we hit.  We tried jigs, cranks, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and worms. There was lots of bait moving around, just nothing eating it. Finally around 11am we made a run down by the dam to a spot I can normally get a few good one off of and BJ got a nice one.  We caught a few more fish down there and decided it was too hot to stay out much longer, so we headed in.  One thing that I have noticed up there this year is the fact that the weeds are not growing very well.  Most of the spots I fish up there don’t have the weeds on them like they did in the past.

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