Picking the right rig

Using the right rig is very import.  If you are fishing a large slow moving pool you will want to use something that can cover a lot of water, a spinner or rig with a bobber will let you cover as much as the hole as you can to see where the fish are holding.  Now when fishing a fast moving pool you need to use something, a hook with a few split shots on it, to get your bait down to the fish.  Keep adding split shots, using small BB shot will help keep you from getting hung-up in the rocks,  until your bait is rolling a crossed the bottom.  The current will carry your bait through the hole for you.

Use the right line:  4-6 lb clear or fluorocarbon

Using light line makes your bait look more nature as well as makes it easier for you to cast light lures.

Hook size:  match the hook to your bait

A good all around trout hook is a #8 or #10 live bait hook.  When the water is gin clear a  good rule of thumb is to use a hook that you can hide at least ¾ of hook in your bait.  You don’t want to the fish to see anymore hook then they have too.

Choosing the right bait

There are so many baits to choose from and they all will catch fish at some point, but if you only want to have a few baits with you here is a few good choices.   For casting lures a little gold spinner seems to be a good choice and when it come to live bait,  red worms seem to be a great way consistently catch fish.

Picking the right spot

When picking a spot to start the current is very import.  In most cases the upper edge and lower edge of a hole will hold a good number of fish.  Also look for obstructions in or just above the water.  Logs, big rocks, ect in the water, will have fish tucked in just downstream from them.  Another great place to look is anywhere there are brushes or trees that hang over the stream.  Get upstream and work your lures as far under the overhanging limbs at you can.

Hope these tips help you catch a few more trout on your next trip to the stream.

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