Product Type: Jigs

Tested Size(s): 3/8oz,  1/2 oz, and 3/4 oz

Tested Colors/Patterns: black/blue, natural craw

MSRP: $3.29

First Impression: This football head is a little different then others.  It has grooved head that should help it grab the bottom and give you a better feel for what you are fishing.

FishPittsburgh Scorecard – All Terrain Tackle - Football Head Jig
These jigs holding up pretty well given the areas that you fishing them. Even after banging them off rocks, roadbeds, and wood all day, the hook is still sharp and the head is not too banged up.
The largemouth have been eating them up, so what else can you ask for.
The grooved head really does help you feel what you are fishing, especially wood. Those grooves also seem to help the jig stand more upright when it crawls a crossed the bottom
The All Terrain Tackle Football Heads are some of the more affordable on the market.
Great diversity, you can put just about any trailer you want on them and change the action, shape, and size of the bait. These jigs are just as affective in 3 feet of water as they are in 30 feet.
These football heads are some of the better ones on the market. Good hooks, good skirts, the grooved heads, all at a good price. They work great, just casting them out and dragging them back to you.

Pros Cons
Holds up well Limited number of colors
Brush guard match the bait nicely Limited sizes
Strong hooks

RECOMMENDATIONS: Here are a few recommendations that you should consider before throwing these lures to make you more successful.  Consider what you are going to be fishing with these lures, rocks, stumps, ect. You want to be sure to use a good fluorocarbon line, 15-20 lb test.  Fluorocarbon line has many advantages, it’s more abrasive resistant, has lower stretch, and it’s virtually invisible under the water.  Another thing to consider is the trailer that you put on your jig.  Twin tail grub, craws, and creatures are all good choices.  As far as color goes, a black and blue jig with a black or black with blue fleck trailer is a classic .

You can find more information about All Terrain Tackle Football Head Jigs.

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