Paycheck Punching Skirts

Tested Colors/Patterns: Gas Money, Money Maker, and All the Options

MSRP: $6.69 per 2pk

First Impression: The skirts seemed to have special coloration and really keep a wide flare out of the water and in the water. Although, the colors were stepping out of the box for me it didn’t stop me from testing them.

FishPittsburgh Scorecard – Paycheck Baits - Punching Skirts
I pulled these skirts through rock piles, brush piles, lily pads, and laydowns with the skirts staying in one piece. The lure holds up extremely well.
The bass have been all over these skirts when paired with the right bait. They only seem to work when a big profile baits is the key.
The entire lure is a special trait because it creates a jig profile but allows you to get into tight cover better. Not to metion the unique color schemes.
These punching skirts seem to be high priced at first, but as you use them and realize how durable they are, you will realize that they are well worth the money.
Punching skirts are functional in many types of cover. There are only so many ways to fish them, but the types of cover and water conditions seem to be endless.
Paycheck Baits Punching Skirts have become a main stay in my tackle box and will continue to be there. Take the time and use them and you will be successful.
Pros Cons
Skirt Flares Perfectly Not Sold Locally
Great for Flipping & Pitching
Unique Colors Patterns
Very Durable

RECOMMENDATIONS: Here are a few recommendations that you should consider before using the Paycheck Baits Punching Skirts. My first suggestion is to come into this with an open mind. Yes these skirts makes the same profile as a jig. However, in thick cover the lure pentrates and doesn’t hang up nearly as much. Whether you are fishing mat weeds, lily pads and brush piles the lure will make it through the cover fast than a jig. Not only does it make it through the cover faster, but it hangs up in the cover less because it is essentially a Texas Rig. Be sure that you peg your weight. It doesn’t matter if you are using tungsten, lead, or a metal weight, the skirt and lure preform better when the weight is pegged. Some modifications that you can make include triming the skirt and weight or lure size match with the skirt. Tougher days may requirement a smaller skirt. This is one lure that I will never be without again and you shouldn’t either.

You can find more information about the Paycheck Baits Punching Skirt visit their website.

ABOUT THE CRITIC : You must know that I am very critical of my lures. I only have about 3 lures that I use that would receive a perfect 50 and I personally modify those lures once I have them. I consider any lure over 8 great and any lure over 6 good. Anything less than 6 and you probably won’t see it in my tackle box.



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