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Basscasters Wednesday Evening Tournament – #11

Basscasters Wednesday Evening Tournament – #11

528 – August 31, 2011

PlaceAngler(s)# FishWt.
1stShaun Brown / Jeff Hall38.82
2ndPaul Anderson / Ken Anderson37.43
3rdJeff McMaster / Rick Gavula35.59
4thKeith Brown / Dawn Brown35.21
5thScott Treaster / Will Morgan25.01
6thMark Errico, Jr / Mark Errico, Sr24.24
7thRay Reges / Brian Morgan23.51
8thMike Doerflinger / Justin White13.21
LunkerShaun Brown / Jeff HallLM4.92



For more information about the Butler Bass Casters you can find them at:


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KBBC – Lake Arthur -2 2011

Lake Arthur – 2 Results

PlaceAnglers# FishWt.Lunker
1Wozniak / Wozniak / 616.13.92
2Genter / Potts / 615.614.86
3Covert / Walker, Jr / 412.774.83
4Harbaugh / Stiegler / 411.665.56
5Tipler / Fox / 410.813.71
6Moran / Lambert / 49.724.27
7Wagner / Wagner / 49.032.99
8Clapperton / Kleespies / Clapperton38.944.99
9Doerflinger / White / Kinard47.912.66
10Buterbaugh / Convery / 47.842.97
11Bartley / Dugas / 47.712.78
12Kuzemchak / Coccia / 37.563.09
13Konitsky / Konitsky / 37.313.07
14Richardson / Reich / 37.23.65
15Galida / Barkley / 37.073.11
16Pate, Jr / Pate / 37.012.95
17Jankovic / Jankovic / 36.783.17
18Kneidinger / Kneidinger / Parenti36.772.79
19Kopelic / Towne / 06.392.58
20Spada / Spada / 36.013.04


Visit the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit website at to see the full list of results as well as pictures from this event.

If you are interest in fishing a K.B.B.C. event you can download an application from there website.


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Basscasters Evening Tournament 2011 AOY

Basscasters with being having a Points Champ(s) for the Wednesday Night series.  The scale is 8 points for 1st, 7 points for 2nd, etc……. down to 1 point for 8th

29Jeff McMaster836336
29Rich Gavala836336
26Brian Divito74816
24Alan Morgan7782
24Mike Morgan7782
22Jared Drover7816
21Dave Landerfeld3756
21Scott Treaster65424
20Chuck Walker578
20Jeff Hall1784
20Shaun Brown1784
19Paul Anderson847
17Mark Keene1664
16David Elswick817
16Jason Kneidinger817
16Scott Casper475
16Will Morgan6424
15Blain Bartley Jr672
15Blain Bartley Sr672
15Cole Walker78
13Ron Feits85
12Joe Wozniak462
12Paul Nord57
12Rick Kidd57
11Aaron Dickey164
11Bill Parenti56
11Chuck Palace38
11Gus Kneidinger56
11John Grystar38
11Ken Anderson47
10Brian Morgan82
10Craig Wozniak46
10Ray Reges82
9Erine Pate45
9Greg Spirk36
9Ken Pate45
9Rich Conlon81
9Tim Byers45
8Bob Gaskill8
8Josh Macko8
8Ken Zaludek8
8Mike Kelly8
8Nate Smith62
8Randy Rose8
8Tyler Branca71
7John Keene Jr.214
7Renee Keene214
7Tyler Sheppard7
6Jim Lambert6
6Jim Tomas6
5Dan Lynn23
5Darly Young5
5Dawn Brown5
5Derek Severns5
5Dino Fratangelo5
5Ian Young5
5Jerry Moser5
5Jon Parker5
5Keith Brown5
5Michael Johnston5
5Terry Feits5
4John Marks4
4Larry Schmeider4
4Tim Mitchell4
4Tom Walker4
3Dan Reich 3
3Danny Lynn3
3Garrett Murphy3
3Greg Rogerson3
3Jim Jankovic3
3Joe Iman3
3Justin Richardson3
3Kyle Richardson3
3Mark Errico, Jr 3
3Mark Errico, Sr3
3Mark Jankovic3
3Paul Iman3
2Andy Radwanski2
2Don Carr2
2Hunter Wozniak2
2Jim Masgrave2
2John Keene Sr.11
2John Reep2
2Josh Schliter2
2Matt Steiner2
2Mike Pflugh2
2Mike Steiner2
2Rick Schubert2
2Steve Sell2
1Chris Cooper1
1Dave Adam1
1Donovan Traggai1
1Jeremy Branca1
1Jim Branca1
1Justin White1
1Leo Cancilla1
1Mike Doerflinger1
1Ron Cancilla1


For more information about the Butler Bass Casters you can find them at:

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Basscasters Wednesday Evening Tournament – #6

1stDavid Elswick / Jason Kneidinger48.36
2ndPaul Nord / Rick Kidd48.00
3rdJeff McMasters/Rich Gavula37.87
4thChuck Walker47.35
5thPaul Anderson / Ken Anderson36.29
6thJustin Richardson / Kyle Richardson45.97
7thFick Schubert / Dan Lynn35.34
8thJohn Keene Sr / Jim Branca34.64
LunkerJeff McMasters/Rich GavulaLunker4.44

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2nd Annual “Walts Tavern Bass Buddy Tournament” – Conneaut Lake

2nd Annual “Walts Tavern Bass Buddy Tournament” at Conneaut Lake,  benefits Three Rivers Adaptive Sports

Sat August 27th, 2011

Fish Commission Launch

6:00 am to 2:00pm

100.00 per two man team

5 fish limit


Cash prizes for the top 5 teams

1000.00 dollars to win base on 30 teams


Awesome buffet included after the tournament (ribs, chicken, corn on the cob, salad and much more at WaltsTavern) 10.00 each per guest that you would like to bring to the cookout afterwards (that does not fish)

 Flyer for: 2nd Annual “Walts Tavern Bass Buddy Tournament” – Conneaut Lake

Walt’s Tavern Tournament Application

For more info call Dan Mincin @ 724-986-6557  or 814-382-3065 or email questions to

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A Busy Couple Weeks for the team

March 26th was the Mariners Buddy Tournament held at Cross Creek Lake in Avella PA.  Team members Brad Bressler and Derek Severns teamed up to fish this event.  40 degree water temps greeted the guys in the morning with the air temperature only being 28 degrees.  Slow, slow fishing was the name of the game.  Around 1 pm Brad got the team’s only bite and only fish a 3.40 largemouth came off a deep lake point.  This fish gave the guys a 4th place finish, the tournament was won, with one fish that weighed in just over 7 pounds…a true Cross Creek trophy.

April 10th was the first of three TBF District six events that the team would fish.  This event was held at Lake Erie, but this was a bay only tournament, held inside of Presque Isle Bay.  Team members Rich Wolota, Brad Bressler and Derek Severns, fished this event.  Again, cold water temps greeted the anglers and the fishing was slow.  Only a few boats caught fish.  The boys only caught a few fish, none of them made the 15” minimum.  The short fish that they caught came off of jerk baits and spinner baits.   Throughout the day the anglers tried many different techniques, none of which would produce any keepers. The next two events will be held at Pymatuning Lake in June and then Conneaut Lake in August, the boys will be looking for a little redemption.

As soon as the event at Erie ended, the team packed up and headed to Washington DC for the week.  The TBF Mr. Bass East event was being held on the Potomac River April 15th and 16th.  The team would pre-fish for four days prior to the tournament in hopes of locating some big fish.  The 4 practice days prior to the event did not help the team too much, as the fish were pre-spawn and still hadn’t moved up onto the spawning flats.  Most fish were still out in the main river and this made them hard to find and catch.  The further north that you went from the launch, the water seemed to clear up and the fishing was better, so both days, Rich and Brad went north in hopes of finding some better fish.  The tide is very important at the Potomac River; you have to fish the falling and rising tides and know where that puts the fish, and at what times of the day this all happens.  It adds a new element to fishing that we don’t have at home; the guys that master the tides and the river always seem to come out on top.  Rattle traps, senkos, chatter baits, spinner baits and jigs seemed to be the weapons of choice for the week.  At the end of the week the guys didn’t get the results that they had hoped for Brad finished 35th and Rich was 37th on the boater side, while Derek was 37th and Bob was 44th.  Though the results were not what they had hoped, each trip to Washington DC and the Potomac River is a learning experience and teaches you a lot of new things.  The Bass Hounds would like to thank all of their 2011 Sponsors, Valvoline Oil, Nervous Waters, Metal Menders, Strauss Automotive, Poor Boy Baits and, Bowser Collision Center, without the help of these companies this would not be possible.


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Washington County Bassmasters Cabin Fever Tournament

Cross Creek Lake in Avella was host to the 2011 Cabin Fever Tournament, this marked the first tournament that The Bass Hounds will fish this year.   Team member Derek Severns partnered up with Jim Lambert to fish this early season buddy tournament.  With air and water temperatures still cold you know the fishing will be slow, the question with this tournament each year, is how slow?  There were 28 boats signed up for this tournament.

The anglers were greeted with a beautiful morning and a promise of temperatures to be warming up in the afternoon.  The water temps started off around 45 degrees but warmed to 50 by the afternoon.  The fishing was slow, the guys started off flipping jigs and throwing lipless crank baits.  Between 8am and noon, the guys only had one bite which was a swing and a miss, but they kept a mental note of where the bite was.  Around 12:30 they made a sort run to a point that has always given up one fish or two during these early tournaments.  The point did not disappoint this year either.  Derek hooked up with what ended up being the tournament lunker, a 5.3 pound largemouth.  That fish really got the blood pumping on this slow day.  Both guys knew with just one more fish they would really have a shot of doing well.  After an hour or

so of no bites, the team decided to move back up the lake to where they had missed the fish earlier in the day.  Jim flipped in the bush and bang, the fish was on, it was the team’s second keeper!  This really gave the guys a chance now, but they continued to think, if we could get one more good fish, it could be game over.  But that bite never came, they fished hard all the way to the end.

At the weigh in it seemed that not too many boats were bringing in fish.  There was rumor of a 6 plus pound fish, which never surfaced, Derek’s 5.3 ended up being the tournament lunker and with Jims fish, the team ended up with 8.05.  This was enough for second place, the first place team of Bill and Rob Tarr had two bass for 8.16, so it was close.  Only 6 teams weighed fish.  Washington County Bassmasters does an excellent job with this tournament and hats off to all of the people that help make this event possible.

This is the first of many events The Bass Hounds team will be fishing this year…this weekend, March 26th, team members Brad Bressler and Derek Severns will be teaming up to fish the Mariners Buddy event back at Cross Creek, and then it is off to Erie for the opening district tournament for the TBF D-6, and then to Washington DC for the TBF Mr. Bass East Event.  The Bass Hounds would like to thank all of their 2011 Sponsors, Valvoline Oil, Nervous Waters, Metal Menders, Strauss Automotive, Poor Boy Baits and without the help of these companies this would not be possible.


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2010 TBF State Championship Lake Chautauqua NY Oct. 8th and 9th

Lake Chautauqua was host to the 2010 PA State Championship.  Five of the six Bass Hounds team members qualified for the classic.  Brad Bressler, Brian Spencer and Rich Wolota all qualified as boaters and Derek Severns and Jeff Spencer made it as riders.  Fishing conditions this time of year can be very challenging to say the least.  A week of pre fishing was showing the guys that the patterns of the summer time were long gone.  The weather that week went from bad to worse, a few days, the highs were in the low 40’s with lows in the 30’s and the rain would not stop.  During that week Brad got on a few points that held fish, when the fish were there and they ate, they were big.  Brad caught 4 fish in practice over 5 pounds, he was hoping they would hang out till the end of the week.  Rich could only find a few keepers here and there, Brian would say the same come tournament time.  In a normal summer tournament at Chautauqua, you will need around 20 pounds a day to win.  The guys knew it would take a lot less this week, but you never know.

There were 68 boaters and 48 riders signed up, this meant that all of the boater’s names would be put in a hat and drawn.  Some of the boaters would have to go as riders for half of the day and then switch, and they would be in control of the boat the second half of the day.  At the end of day one, the fishing was what everyone thought…HARD.  69 of the 117 entries did not bring a fish to the scales and many of the guys only had one.  Brad was able to find a few small fish, his big fish just  weren’t home with a few  small fish Brad weighed 4.95 lbs, good enough to leave him in 5th place.  Brian, Rich, Jeff and Derek all zeroed that first day.  Even after such a tough first day, everyone still knew that they had a chance to be in it the next day.

Day two started out with a bang for Brad, his first stop produced the tournament lunker, a 5.97 lb smallmouth bass.  The only problem was, that was Brad’s only bite of the day.  That left Brad in 11th place, just a little under 2.50 lbs off of making the PA team.  Brian was able to find a few fish this day as well, he had 7.39 lbs, but that was only good enough for 24th on the boater side.  Rich fished hard both days but could not find a keeper; the fish he did catch were short.  Derek worked that second day but could only come up with two keepers for around 3 pounds, knowing that he needed 8 pounds or better to make the team, he didn’t weigh his fish.  Jeff also struggled to find those keeper fish and zeroed both days.  After two days, the lake brought a lot of the state’s best anglers to their knees.  It was a very humbling experience for most.

The Bass Hounds would like to take a moment to congratulate the 2011 Divisional Team on a job well done.  Best wishes at Kerr Lake at the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Tournament.

2011 Divisional Team:


1st Brent McNeal  (2010 Champ and Team Captain)

2nd Bob Gilpin

3rd Ron Wolf

4 th Aaron Kassab

5th Jesse Salmon

6th Steve Hughes

ALT-Travis Spittler


1st Jeff Miller

2nd Dave Ciarletta

3rd Dave Ciraulo

4th Brett Dalrymple

5th Rich Rushing

6th Ed Guidon

The Bass Hounds would like to take a moment to thank everyone that helped support them this year.  Valvoline Oil, Strauss Automotive, Nervous Waters, Metal Menders, Nowak Commercial Refinishes, Poor Boy Baits, Ardent Reels, and, without these companies, this year would not have been possible.  These companies supported the team in 2010 and we hope to continue with them in 2011.  Valvoline Oil has already returned as a team sponsor for 2011.  We will keep you posted this winter as to who will be supporting the team in the upcoming season.  Remember if at all possible, if you have the opportunity or need the services of any of these companies, tell them The Bass Hounds sent you, support the companies that support our sport.

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Basscasters Wednesday Evening Tournament – #11

Week #11– 528 Launch

1stBlain Bartley, Jr./Blain Bartley,Sr.37.39
2ndChuck Walker/25.16
3rdJim Lambert/Steve Longwell24.44
4thJeff McMasters/Rich Gavula23.54
5thRandy Rose/Jim Bohrer23.37
6thKeith E. Brown/Dawn Schaffner23.3
7thLarry Schmeider/Jim Mitchell13.29
8thJustin Mazzanti/Jeff Hall12.07
LunkerBlain Bartley, Jr./Blain Bartley,Sr.LM4.18

2010 Angler of the Year Standings

Biggest Bags and Biggest Lunkers of 2010


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K.B.B.C – 10 Mile 2010 Top 20

Results from the 10 Mile Tournament on July 17, 2010

FinishTeamIDNamesNet LunkerNet WtFish
1317McClain / Richards64.9610.57
2126Melega / Corazzi / 63.789.33
3257Fordyce / DiVito / Kamnick62.419.09
4112Keene / Zurzolo / Gray62.088.83
5291Beaumariage / Petticord / Bushey62.378.71
6144Stone / Ralph / Ralph62.748.47
7119Sirakos / Knoll / Supik62.298.3
8158Genter / Potts / 62.178.14
9335Mounts / Farabee / Locy61.497.9
10329Strini / Glessner61.587.78
11208Richardson / Reich / 61.777.18
12274Paronish / Barrett / 52.737.17
13281Held / Held, Jr / Held53.097.05
14554Pate, Jr / Pate / 61.677.03
15457Beck / Domian / Maloney61.846.87
16175Swesey / Mostoller / 61.816.74
17111Moran / Lambert / 61.686.69
18107Clapperton / Kleespies / Clapperton61.426.58
19104Paskorz / Murray / 61.756.49


Visit the Keystone Bass Buddy Circuit website at to see the full list of results as well as pictures from this event.

If you are interest in fishing a K.B.B.C. event you can download an application from there website.


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